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Mark1 - Wedding Decorators in Coimbatore


Mark1 Decors is a team of Wedding planners with the ability and passion to organize and execute exceptionally premium weddings. Based in Coimbatore, our capabilities reach far and wide planning weddings in multi-city. Mark1 has an extensive network of resources, allowing flexibility for various kinds of weddings.

There is nothing more personal, memorable or lasting than the day you get married! Our wedding specialists understand that it is the extreme attention to details, matched with our artistry and elegance which allows us to create your dream day!

Mark 1 Décors is not limited to only one tradition wedding, but has a good understanding of the customs and traditions of various religions, sparing the time taken to understand each custom. We expertise in all sorts ranging from ‘tying the knot’ to ‘walking down the aisle’ to the ethnic ‘’Qubool Hai’’.

From Ethnic Weddings to Contemporary weddings, our wedding specialists will guide you in conceptualizing your magical moment!  We understand all the customs and traditions of various castes and religions and create the theme accordingly.


Mark1 understands that ethnic weddings require special considerations. Our experienced team will work with you to ensure that your culture and traditions are tastefully woven through not only your ceremony and reception, but the decor and ambience as well. We specialize in offering ethnic wedding planning services for North Indian weddings, South Indian weddings, and Muslim & Christian weddings, amongst others.


Your wedding invitations, cake and favors are great ways to show off your wedding theme to guests. Whether you love the idea of a beach theme, peacock theme, or country themed wedding, we have all the advice and inspiration you need to make your vision a reality.


Mark 1 understands the need to be in track with time. Hence we bring to you the Contemporary wedding styles. Our team functions along with the modern times and bring to you the most intricate and contemporary decor. We also specialize in contemporary wedding planning services in all aspects.We recognize that one size does not fit all. Hence we provide tailor made services that suits everybody. Customization is the key to the success of Mark 1. Through-out the planning process, we offer you various options and substitutions so that it enables you to have a clear picture of your needs.

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